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Careers Application Process:


Welcome to Careers Center Hiring Platform on Antonites Site for Government & Trade Company Utilization.


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  2. Member Professional Profile
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  4. Career Application Filing
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Create an Antonites Account. Sign up is Free (See FAQs).


No Internet Access? No Problem. Candidates applying using a manual form are given the same opportunity as a candidate applying using the site application form (Forms can be printed or mailed to candidates). 


Applicants seeking employment within the Kingdom of Antonio must abide by the filing application procedures set forth in Office of Employment Requirements. Thereafter, a candidate may file for multiple career positions available in both Government & Trade Service. Candidates will be screened for quality and eligibility for each position. Resume Builder is required for resume upload to Careers. Qualified candidates will undergo testing and interview procedure for the selection process of best possible candidates for each position. 


A career in the Kingdom of Antonio is rewarding and offers continued opportunity for a successful career.


Office of Employment Required Filing


To Begin, a Careers Candidate must file the Required Government Application form for one of the following:

  1. Antonitess


Candidates for Contract Positions must file the required Government Application form for one of the following:

  1. Mercenary Contract Application
  2. Contract Service Application


For International Applicants applying to trade companies with contract service outside of the borders of the Kingdom of Antonio, Applicants must file the required application form:

  1. International Contract Service Application


(All Required Documents & Forms are Attached to This Page. Please review all documentation prior to filing)



Member Professional Profile


Every member of Antonites can create a professional profile that will attract employers and assist in the screening process of candidates. This is not required, but is highly recommended to complete a full Professional Profile on the users member profile page.


Resume Builder


The next step in the Career Application Process is to build a suitable resume using the site Resume Builder function. Easily build high quality resumes and download the resume for preparation in submission to the employer of choice. 


Career Application Filing


Applicants Search Careers and find the career(s) that meet their goals and skill level. Select the best career(s) of the thousands of careers available on the site and review the requirements section. Once a candidate finds a position that meets the criteria, an application can be prepared for submission.


Click "Apply Now" (Users must be logged in to submit Applications)


The Careers Center Application Form is a 1 Step, 1 Click Process. The simple career application process alleviates the detailed information that has previously been submitted in the Government Application Form Filing.


Simply fill in the contact information and Upload your Resume Builder Document.


Candidates that have applied for a position will see the "Apply Now" button turn to "Applied"


Candidates will be reviewed and Qualified Candidates will receive further instructions from the employer for the Testing & Interview Process