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Property Manager I

Company Details
Industry: Property Services
Description: Antonio Estates Property Management Trade Company
Career Description

Responsible to Antonio Estates Property Management Trade Company, tasked with the ability to manage single and multi properties.



Pending Application of: Antonitess


2 to 3 years Banking Experience

Bachelors Degree in Financial Management or Equal to

Supervisory Experience


Duties Include:

Manages single and multi property locations

Provides property reports to Antonio Estates Property Management System

Coordinates vacancy and occupied movements

Prepares sale & lease agreements

Submits contract agreements to Antonio Banking Services

Resident service support coordination

Assess damages of property and reports claims

Maintains property maintenance procedure

Works on site or off site property location

Travels often to meet the demands of clientele

Tasked with opening and closing operations of the sub office

Ensures the safety of each property

Utilizes software programs for contract services

Creates resident status reports for Property Management

Attends meetings for area Antonio Estates Property Management

Develops & Implements marketing strategies for Property Locations


Career Type:

FT / Salary


Positions Available:


Additional Pays: Reference: Antonio Banking (Pays & Allowances)
Education: Associates Degree / 2+ University Level II, Bachelors Degree / 4+ University Level II
Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Property Management

Key Skills

Property Management