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Professional Pilot I

Company Details
Industry: Travel Services
Description: Antonia Flights Nation & International Service
Career Description

Responsible to Antonia Flight Nation & International Services, Professional Airline Pilots.



Pending Application of: Antonitess

Classification Investigation 1 & 2 (Background Clearance Check)


0 to 3+ years Pilot Experience

Bachelors Degree in Aviation or Equal to


Professional Pilot Certificate


Pilot Medical Certificate


Special Duties Include:

Professional Pilot Trainee Program


Duties Include:

Responsible for the safety of the crew and passengers.

Responsible for aircraft pre, in flight, and post operations and procedures.

Responsible for aircraft worthiness and maintenance log checks.

Responsible for the security of the aircraft.

Understands and abides by the Aircraft Safety Manual, Aircraft Pre and Post Operation Procedures Manual, and In Flight Procedures Manual. 

Formulate a flight plan taking into accordance aircraft performance, altitude, fuel, and weather.

Conduct all pre-flight checks of engines, radar, navigation systems, etc to ensure safety.

Communicate with air traffic control to request for landing and take off, or report any information on the flight plan.

Check all the cockpit instruments to ensure proper functioning.

Ensure the cargo does not exceed the aircraft’s weight limits.

Observe the weather conditions, aircraft position, and air traffic regularly during the flight and request for a change of flight plan if needed.

Collaborate with flight attendants to ensure passengers are following all the rules and regulations onboard.

File reports of the flight trip and status of aircraft before and after landing.


Career Type:

FT / Salary w/ Professional Pay and Bonus Incentive


Positions Available:


Additional Pays: Professional Pay (+) I
Education: Bachelors Degree / 4+ University Level II, Professional License Certificate III
Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Antonia Flights

Key Skills

Airline Pilot