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Company Details
Industry: Government Services
Description: Office of Queen and Princess
Career Description

Royal Application Services
Princesses [Inheritors & Inhabitants of the Land] of the Kingdom of Antonio.

Office of Queen & Princess



Princess Approved

8+ (Born Prior to 12/2016)


No Previous Relationship

Loyal to Nation

Servant of the Lord



Duties Include:

Holder of Princess and Entitled Inheritor as Princess of the Kingdom of Antonio


**This is a Non Application Listing & Knowledge Base Only

[See Government Documents & Forms to Apply]

Positions Available;


Additional Pays: Reference: Antonio Banking (Pays & Allowances)
Education: Associates Degree / 2+ University Level II, Bachelors Degree / 4+ University Level II, Business / Trade Company Certificate I, Doctorate Degree III, Highschool / Pre-University Certificate II, Masters Degree / Continuing Education Certificate III, Military / Guard Service Certificate II, Pre-University Certificate I, Professional License Certificate III, University Certificate Course II
Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Office of Queen & Princess