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M-5 Battalion Chief

Company Details
Industry: Government Services
Description: Kingdom of Antonio; Office of Guard; Mercenary Service
Career Description

Office of Guard Mercenary Service Rank (Order of Mercenary Rank)

M-5 Battalion Chief



Pending Application of: Mercenary Contract Application

Under 45 years of age (At time of Application)

Service in a Nations Guard/Military/Armed Services w/ High Rank Status

Classification Investigation (Background Clearance Check)

Laws and Provisions Agreement

Male Only Position


Primary Duties Include:

Guard Command Authority 1/5

Coordinates with Governor

Develops training regimen for the guard readiness program

Upholds the laws and provisions of the nation of contract

Issues orders to Guard Services & Command Leadership

Serves the nation with due diligence in support of combat in peacetime and war

Assesses & Orders elimination of hostile threats as authorized

Coordinates with Secretary to provide guard reports

Develops & approves budgetary plans

Authorizes orders of weaponry and equipment

Makes decisive decisions based on findings & reports

Reports Guard Service Status

Secures Borders and Issues Procedures

Issues Orders of Deployment

Attends Counsel Meetings

Develops & Issues Training for Lethal Force Authorization Guidance Procedure

Develops & Issues Training for life saving skills and equipment use procedures

Develops & Issues Training for operations of heavy equipment, vehicles, vessels, trains, and forms of transportation

Develops & Issues Training Qualifications in equipment handling and operations

Develops & Issues Training in team environment

Develops & Issues Procedures of Class Level Security

Implements Peacetime Procedures

Implements Procedures of Warfare Strategy & Tactics as authorized

Updates the Office of Guard Procedures Handbooks


Mercenary Rank & Pay Rate:


Additional Pays: Reference: Antonio Banking (Pays & Allowances)
Education: Bachelors Degree / 4+ University Level II, Military / Guard Service Certificate II
Employment Type: Contract
Contact Information
Name: Office of Guard

Key Skills

M-5 Battalion Chief