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M-1 Combat Arms Specialist / Technician [Watchman Patrol]

Company Details
Industry: Government Services
Description: Kingdom of Antonio; Office of Guard; Mercenary Service
Career Description

Office of Guard Mercenary Service Rank (Order of Mercenary Rank)

M-1 Combat Arms Specialist / Technician [Watchman Patrol]



Pending Application of: Mercenary Contract Application


Service in a Nations Guard/Military/Armed Services to include Fire & Policing Services with proper discharge of duty (Current Active Foreign Status can still apply)

No Criminal Charges Pending in any Nation

Classification Investigation (Background Clearance Check)

Laws and Provisions Agreement

Male Only Position (Females are authorized in limited communications positions as available)


Primary Duties Include:

Training readiness program

Adherence to the laws and provisions of the nation of contract

Follows orders of command structure

Attentive to detail

Serves the nation with due diligence in support of combat in peacetime and war

Assesses & Eliminates hostile threats as authorized

Prepares reports for leaders

Maintains readiness of weaponry and equipment

Reports findings to leaders

Observes & Reports at post

Secures post and follows post protocols

Deploys as ordered

Conducts certain duties as ordered

Understands & Follows Lethal Force Authorization Guidance Procedure

Uses life saving skills and equipment

Operates heavy equipment, vehicles, vessels, trains, and forms of transportation

Qualifies in equipment handling and operations

Works in a team environment

Keeps confidential information confidential

Specializes in Watchmen Patrol Duty


Secondary Duties Include:

Construction Trade (General & Skilled Tradesman)


Mercenary Rank & Pay Rate:



Contract Terms;

1 year / 2 year 

Sea, Air, Land, and Space Guard (Communications)

3 year / 5 year

Watchmen Duties (Fire & Patrol Service)


Additional Pays: Reference: Antonio Banking (Pays & Allowances)
Education: Highschool / Pre-University Certificate II
Employment Type: Contract
Contact Information
Name: Office of Guard

Key Skills