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Educationist II

Company Details
Industry: Education Services
Description: University of Antonio
Career Description

Responsible to University of Antonio Research and Development of Education Services.



Pending Application of: Antonitess


1 to 3 years Education Development Experience

Bachelors Degree in Education or Equal to


Duties Include:

Theorizes educational models

Researches and develops educational plans

Reports models to supervisory board

Develops skill level models for levels of education

Coordinates the task for the development of the U of A Network Structure

Builds framework plans of on campus and off campus education models

Plans budgetary reports for education costs

Develops strategies to enhance educational studies

Works in coordination to develop teaching strategies

Develops skill set based training models and training programs

Attends meetings & education conferences for the Office of Education

Attends meetings & education conferences for the Office of Ministry

Attends meetings & education conferences for the Office of Guard


Career Type:

FT / Salary


Positions Available:


Additional Pays: Reference: Antonio Banking (Pays & Allowances)
Education: Bachelors Degree / 4+ University Level II
Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Education Management