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Construction Project Manager III

Company Details
Industry: Construction Services
Description: Antonio Stonesquarers Contract Services
Career Description

Responsible to Antonio Stonesquarers, Project Management



Pending Application of: Contract Service Application


7 to 10 years Construction Project Management Experience

Site Safety Supervisor Certification

Highschool / Pre-University Certificate II w/ Construction Contractor Endorsement


Associates Degree / 2+ University Level II in Construction or Related Field of Study


Duties Include:

 Construction Project Management

Site Safety Control

Manages Daily Tasks at Construction Site

Coordinates Movements of Construction Equipment / Supplies of Site

Coordinates with Architects & Engineers of Site

Project Management Conference Attendance

Project Management Budgetary Control

Hiring Coordination with Employment Services

Maintains Safety Standards Requirements for Employees at Site

Construction Logistics and Time Coordination Development & Implementation

Updates Project Management Logs

Develops and Implements a Time Schedule of Project Completion

Oversees Site Management Supervisors & Safety Coordinators

Maintains Custodial Control of Construction Project Equipment & Materials


Career Type:



Positions Available:


Additional Pays: Reference: Antonio Banking (Pays & Allowances)
Education: Associates Degree / 2+ University Level II, Highschool / Pre-University Certificate II
Employment Type: Contract
Contact Information
Name: Antonio Stonesquarers