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Architect III

Company Details
Industry: Construction Services
Description: Antonio Stonesquarers TC Builder Services Trade Company Non-Contract Services Employing Full Time Members Twin Trade Company; Antonio Stonesquarers Contract Services Contract Employment for Builder Services Worldwide
Career Description

Responsible to Antonio Stonesquarers Architectural Services.



Pending Application of: Antonitess


3 to 5 years Drafting & Architectural Planning Experience

Bachelors Degree in Architecture or Equal to


Duties Include:

Finalizes Architectural Building Plans

Reviews drawings and models of floor plans, surface plans, sub-surface plans, and building structural plans

Compiles drawings and plans from Architectural staff to meet the demands of architectural requirements

Develops 3D CAD drawings and plans

Develops display models of architectural plans

Drafts architectural drawings and plans

Plans budgetary architectural cost estimate

Plans architectural material quantity estimate

Coordinates with Build Engineers on Structural Projects

Tasked with multi plan, multi structural architectural plans

Implements training programs for Architectural staff

Attends meetings and events of Architects, Engineers, and Build Projects


Career Type:

FT / Salary w/ Professional Pay and Bonus Incentive


Positions Available:


Additional Pays: Reference: Antonio Banking (Pays & Allowances)
Education: Bachelors Degree / 4+ University Level II
Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Construction Management